Cas Weycamp

Cas Weycamp


Cas Weykamp is a clinical chemist and director of the MCA laboratory of the Queen Beatrix Hospital in the city of Winterswijk, the Netherlands. A major activity is the standardization of HbA1c. He is network coordinator of the worldwide network of 16 reference laboratories operating the IFCC reference method for HbA1c and member of the IFCC Committee on Education Use of Biomarkers Diabetes. As such he has a close working relation with Garry John. He is also advisor of the NGSP. In the Netherlands he coordinates many EQA programmes on behalf of SKML, the national EQA organiser. One of his major EQA programmes is on HbA1c, his hobby horse and subject of his PhD Study. In general he is active in the field of EQA/PT, Standardization and Harmonization as member of the IFCC Task Force for Proficiency Testing and the IFCC Working Groups on Commutability and CDT. In the AACC he served as chair of the task force to develop tools for the AACC Harmonization Initiative. He is speaker at many international scientific meetings. For a review of his publications please see under Weykamp C.

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Cas Weykamp
AC2019 – EurA1c, the IFCC project to aggregate EQA data of national EQA organisers to create a global picture of the performance of HbA1c

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